10 Types of Paper Bags You Need for Various Purposes

Paper bags are the new mode of carrying things to the house. They are super economical and look chic in the hands of your consumers. Sometimes, it becomes the market image of your brand in the minds of your consumers.

As the public is more concerned about the environment, companies have switched towards paper bags. Paper bags have an edge over plastic bags in terms of sustainability. Since the papers are biodegradable, it is easy to recycle them without harming mother nature.

However, different types of shopping require different paper bag designs. Thus, you have to be mindful about choosing the type of paper bag for your type of business. Here in this article, we will introduce the ten common types of paper bags to pick and customize.
Brown Paper Bags with Handles
Brown paper bags have a wide variety of uses in retail, takeout or gift business. For handles, you can choose either Twisted paper, Rope, or Flat paper strips. Each material gives a different type of durability.

So, you can choose them, according to the goods your customers will carry in it.

The brown handle bags are lightweight, economical, and a practical choice in the market. Main features are:

Easy to handle
Versatile application
Durable even for heavyweights (you can order according to your products)
Reusable for more than one time
SOS (Self Opening Sack) Bags
Self Opening Sack bag has many names, depending on where you live. The SOS bags have flat-bottom with handles or no handles. These bags are also made with Kraft paper and are an excellent choice for retailing dry ingredients.

SOS can be simple that you can use for carrying your lunch or grease-resistant to carry oily food items. Main features are:

Square corner flat bottom
May have handles
Self-open bag with no zip, seal
Non-reusable if made with less material
Glassine Paper Bags
Glassine paper bags, or you may know them as Scothban paper bags, are a perfect choice if your business deals with making oily food. Either french fries or fried chicken, your customer can use it for eating on the way as it is a flat bottom.

The snack bags are lined inside with unbleached butter paper that can absorb grease. The lining paper is also recyclable, so you do not compromise on the standards. Major characteristics are:

Grease leakage proof
Lined from the inside
Flat bottom
Can withstand high temperatures up to 350C for quite some time, so you can serve hot food in it.
100% biodegradable and recyclable
Can be customized
Pinch Bottom Bags
Pinch bottom bags are in the shape of an envelope. Additionally, bags are tapered from the end and often have a greaseproof lining inside them.
When you put anything inside the pinch bottoms, they open from the end and become flat. You can add any baked or dry product and carry it with you. Some prominent features are:

Envelop like pinched bottom
Usually grease resistant
Biodegradable and can be customized
Window Paper Bags
There is another type of paper bag that has a transparent opening on the front. These bags are used to carry food items such as popcorns, spices, and buns. Additionally, you can show off freshly baked items through the window opening.

The main features include:

Flat square bottom
Polypropylene transparent window
Lined with greaseproof paper
Ideal for bakeries for a better look
Tin Tie Paper Bags
Like the glassine bag, the tin tie bags store dry spices and other powdered food items. However, main thing that separates it from other types is the closing ability from the top.

It has a zip-like tie placed on the top so that you can use the spice and lock it again. It has

Flat bottoms for accessible stand-up
May have a window in the front
Resealable after using the product
Customizable and recyclable
Keeps the food fresher for a long time

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